A huge choice awaits you when you decide to holiday in Portugal.


 Under the main umbrella of Portugal; you have the Algarve and the Island of Madeira, and yes you really can get a Madeira cake!

Unless you have already been to Portugal the diverse nature of the destination will perhaps surprise you

At the Western edge of Europe, you will find some of the best resorts, beaches and landscape all within easy reach.

Portugal is renown for its sunny climate, and is one of the warmest countries in Europe. With its mild winters it is an ideal winter destination, but do be aware it can rain quite a lot, but with reduced accommodation rates I am sure you can forgive the odd cloud burst! In the summer the average temperature is 95 degrees. During the winter, temperatures rarely drop below 35 degrees although it can snow in the northern mountains.

You can enjoy a round of golf (or two!), Portugal is a top golfing destination with superb golf courses. If you enjoy walking, then you will be in heaven! miles of sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, or visit Lisbon for a city tour. Lisbon is a very friendly city, with a maritime history just waiting to be explored.

The Island of Madeira is technically not Portugal, but is just of the Portuguese coast and is embraced as part of the Portuguese experience. Also known as "the floating garden" you will have to travel a long way to find a prettier destination.The landscape is a blaze of colour. Soaring mountains and rugged coastlines, small rocky coves and pebbly bays just waiting to be explore.

The modern part of Madeiras capital Funchal is brimming with pavement cafes and seafood restaurants. For those wishing to explore the shopping options, relax there are designer clothes in the smart boutiques just waiting for you to try them on.

The Algarve, the southern part of Portugal is the place to go for sandy beaches. Were there are beaches there are watersports.Windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking and Scuba diving to name a few.

Portugal really does have something for everyone.